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Tezzaron/Rambus deal in the news

Last week we announced an agreement with Rambus.  This week EE|Times covers our announcement in detail:

‘Tezzaron Semiconductor will be the first customer to incorporate Rambus oxide-resistive memory (ReRAM) technology in forthcoming devices … Bob Patti, Tezzaron’s CTO, said the company sees short-term potential for ReRAM in military, aerospace and HPC applications where it can meet the power and performance requirements, and long-term opportunity in more commercial memory applications. Tezzaron is always on the look-out for new memory technologies, he said, and ReRAM fits into the emerging market of storage-class memory.  Patti said ReRAM offers very high endurance for military and aerospace customers as well as radiation hardness. “It’s much more robust than standard flash.” He sees it having the potential to replace DRAM as it could scale better in the long term, perhaps as low as six nanometers.’

Read the story: Rambus ReRAM Attracts First Commercial Customer.