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Tezzaron Announces World’s First Eight-Layer Active Wafer Stack

Tezzaron and Novati announce an 8-layer wafer stack containing high-performance CMOS logic — the most wafers ever assembled in such a stack!  There are no wire bonds, copper pillars, bumps, or underfill between the layers, just ultra-thin wafers with circuitry, connected vertically with tiny tungsten SuperContacts™.  This is the densest … [Read More]

Tezzaron and Rambus Ink Agreement

Tezzaron and Rambus announce an agreement enabling Tezzaron to implement ReRAM in its own products. ReRAM is a Rambus non-volatile oxide-resistive memory technology with significant power and speed advantages.

The agreement also enables Tezzaron’s manufacturing subsidiary, Novati, to build ReRAM into its customers’ devices.

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Invensas Teams with Tezzaron

Invensas announced that it is partnering with Tezzaron to build a wide range of 3D-IC customer products.

Robert Patti of Tezzaron: “Today we can produce complete high-quality 2.5D (Silicon Interposer) and 3D silicon devices, but the final packaging flows are lacking. Invensas’ 3D-IC packaging expertise and existing pilot assembly line … [Read More]

Ziptronix Teams with Tezzaron and Novati Technologies to Accelerate Development of 3D ICs

Sells 3D IC development lab to Tezzaron; Novati Technologies to operate facility

Ziptronix Inc., provider of patented, low- temperature direct bonding technology for 3D integration, today announced an agreement with Tezzaron Semiconductor Corporation and Novati Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tezzaron, as a next step toward the acceleration of 3D … [Read More]

Mentor and Tezzaron Optimize Calibre 3DSTACK for 2.5/3D-ICs

WILSONVILLE, Ore., May 20, 2013

Mentor Graphics Corp. (NASDAQ: MENT) and Tezzaron Semiconductor Corp. today announced they are collaborating to integrate the Mentor® Calibre® 3DSTACK product into Tezzaron’s 3D-IC offerings. The new integration will focus on fast, automated verification of die-to-die interactions in 2.5D and 3D stacked die configurations by verifying … [Read More]

Novati Technologies Licenses Ziptronix’s Direct Oxide Bonding (ZiBond®) and Direct Bond Interconnect (DBI®) Patented Technologies For Advanced 3D Integrated Assemblies


Ziptronix, Inc. has signed a licensing agreement with Novati Technologies, Inc. for the use of its patents covering direct bonding technology, ZiBond® and DBI®.

“We believe that Ziptronix’s patented direct bonding technology enables the industry’s best performance for applications such as 3D memory, BSI … [Read More]

Ziptronix Licenses DBI® and ZiBond® to Tezzaron

Ziptronix Licenses Direct Bond Interconnect (DBI®) and ZiBond® Patented Technologies to Tezzaron Semiconductor for Advanced 3D Memory and 3D Integrated Assemblies

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., December 12, 2012

Ziptronix, Inc. has signed a licensing agreement with Tezzaron Semiconductor for the use of patents regarding Ziptronix’s direct bonding technologies, ZiBond™ and DBI®.

“There is … [Read More]

Tezzaron Semiconductor Completes Acquisition of SVTC’s Austin Fab, Now Novati Technologies

Naperville, IL and Austin, TX (22 October, 2012)

Tezzaron Semiconductor’s acquisition of the former SVTC facility in Austin is complete. The fab now operates as a newly formed Texas corporation, “Novati Technologies, Inc.,” with Tezzaron as the sole shareholder of the corporation. The deal closed on Monday, Oct. 15, 2012.

The acquisition … [Read More]

Tezzaron Acquires Texas Semiconductor Facility

Naperville, IL – October 1, 2012

Tezzaron Semiconductor has signed a contract to purchase the assets of a semiconductor technology development and wafer fabrication facility in Austin, Texas, previously run by SVTC Technologies. Tezzaron will continue the operations of this unique facility while adding capabilities to assemble its own revolutionary three … [Read More]