Press Releases

Tezzaron Announces World’s First Eight-Layer Active Wafer Stack

Tezzaron and Novati announce an 8-layer wafer stack containing high-performance CMOS logic — the most wafers ever assembled in such a stack!  There are no wire bonds, copper pillars, bumps, or underfill between the layers, just ultra-thin wafers with circuitry, connected vertically with tiny tungsten SuperContacts™.  This is the densest … [Read More]

Tezzaron and Rambus Ink Agreement

Tezzaron and Rambus announce an agreement enabling Tezzaron to implement ReRAM in its own products. ReRAM is a Rambus non-volatile oxide-resistive memory technology with significant power and speed advantages.

The agreement also enables Tezzaron’s manufacturing subsidiary, Novati, to build ReRAM into its customers’ devices.

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Invensas Teams with Tezzaron

Invensas announced that it is partnering with Tezzaron to build a wide range of 3D-IC customer products.

Robert Patti of Tezzaron: “Today we can produce complete high-quality 2.5D (Silicon Interposer) and 3D silicon devices, but the final packaging flows are lacking. Invensas’ 3D-IC packaging expertise and existing pilot assembly line … [Read More]

Ziptronix Teams with Tezzaron and Novati Technologies to Accelerate Development of 3D ICs

Sells 3D IC development lab to Tezzaron; Novati Technologies to operate facility

Ziptronix Inc., provider of patented, low- temperature direct bonding technology for 3D integration, today announced an agreement with Tezzaron Semiconductor Corporation and Novati Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tezzaron, as a next step toward the acceleration of 3D … [Read More]