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More Power!

If you want to go faster, you need more power.  Right?

Maybe not, says Jeremy Hsu, writing in IEEE Spectrum.  He warns that power problems currently threaten to strangle super-fast computers.  In fact, an exascale computer built with old-school technology might require its own nuclear power plant.  But Hsu offers three possible solutions — including Tezzaron’s 3D memory, pictured below.


Hsu reports that 3D memory greatly reduces a computer’s power draw. The shorter interconnects lose less power to capacitance and resistance — and, even better, they allow faster data communication.  He notes that “Tezzaron has pioneered a method of designing and manufacturing 3-D memory stacks that boosts memory performance, enables a higher density of interconnects between each memory chip layer, and reduces manufacturing costs.”

He also quotes our CTO, Bob Patti: “In a lot of ways, 3-D integration allows you to have your cake and eat it too. You get speed improvement and power reduction at the same time.”

You can read the entire article here.