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Getting Down to Business at 3D ASIP

Tezzaron was a Platinum Sponsor for RTI’s 3D ASIP conference on December 10-12.  This was the eleventh year for 3D ASIP (3D Architectures for Semiconductor Integration and Packaging) and the eleventh year of Tezzaron’s participation.  As always, the event offered excellent presentations by several industry leaders and a hotbed of business opportunity.  The catered receptions were especially valuable for networking, with intense conversations and copious card-swapping.

Good coverage by several industry bloggers:

Herb Reiter: All Aboard the 3D IC Train!
Jeff Dorsch: “It’s Complicated”
Rob Sturgill: Scaling Up for 3D Challenges
Phil Garrou: 3D ASIP part 1
Paul McClellan: 3D, The State of the State
Francoise von Trapp: Live Long and Prosper in an IoT World enabled by 3D ICs

…and a video: Steve Schulz Keynote Address