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If You Really, Really Want to Know

If you really, really (really, really, really) want to know how different Tezzaron’s technology is from what the rest of the industry is doing in 3D, the most complete answer possible (by way of contrast) has been published by IPC (inexplicably, the “IPC” is the Association Connecting Electronics Industries).

If you have followed Tezzaron for long, you have seen us refer to our work as “transistor-level 3D”…and seen us making a contrast between that and “package-level 3D”, which is what just about everyone else in the industry means when they say “3D”. The IPC has just released the final draft of their masterwork on 3D packaging. It is called IPC-7091, Design and Assembly Process Implementation of 3D Components and you can read it HERE.

As you will see, it is all about plastic and pc-board material and all the crazy things you need to worry about when you get them into intimate contact with silicon die. Good for them. It is a great read…and a clear testimony to the advantages of Tezzaron’s approach. Most of what is in this 123 page tome simply goes away for anyone who builds a 3D subsystem with our Di3D approach. That this the kind of simplicity that wins in the end.