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Tezzaron Launches RAM in a New Dimension

Naperville, IL – November 22, 2004

Tezzaron Semiconductor today announced the world’s first 3D-IC RAM chip. The re-programmable memory (RAM) device was built as a three-dimensional integrated circuit (3D IC) – two layers of circuitry with vertical interconnects that allow them to behave as a single device. This technology is expected to perform 3 to 10 times better than existing chips due to the small vertical interconnects, only 10 microns in length. On a two-dimensional chip, horizontal interconnects are up to 1 centimeter in length – 1,000 times longer. The new 3D RAM chip has been tested at clock rates higher than 500 MHz, demonstrating less than two nanosecond latency.

Tezzaron, a “fabless” manufacturer, developed the 3D FaStack™ technology and performed the wafer stacking part of the process. MagnaChip, one of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers, developed specialized processing technologies to implement Tezzaron’s patented vertical connectors in the circuitry. MagnaChip built Tezzaron’s RAM design on standard “bulk” semiconductor wafers and supplied additional processing as needed. The companies intend to continue their association in creating additional unique 3D devices.

James T. Ayers, Jr., Chairman and CEO of Tezzaron Semiconductor, said: “This chip demonstrates full RAM memory functionality and proves the viability of Tezzaron’s 3D process technology. We see great potential in 3D RAM because of its speed, density, and low power requirements. Because layered RAM can achieve much higher memory capacity in the same footprint, it allows designers to use fewer memory chips; this markedly reduces the power requirements. In addition to the 3D RAM, our product roadmap includes many other commercial 3D devices that will be announced as FaStack™ ramps toward volume production.”

Tezzaron’s patented FaStack™ technology builds 3D chips by stacking whole semiconductor wafers and bonding them with copper to create connections between the circuitry layers. The current process aligns 8-inch wafers with a precision of less than a micron, enabling an extremely high density of inter-wafer connections. The wafer stacks are then diced into separate chips, each of which is a fully integrated 3D IC. The process can be extended to multiple wafers. Because each added wafer is thinned to a mere ten microns, as many as 32 layers could fit into standard chip packaging. Tezzaron developed its stacking technology at the Institute of Microelectronics, Singapore (IME), with substantial financial assistance from the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB).

About Tezzaron™

Tezzaron Semiconductor Corp. is a fabless company specializing in cutting-edge technologies and high-end niche products. Its flagship technologies are 3D wafer stacking (FaStack™) and ultra-fast memories (3T-iRAM™). Tezzaron maintains its headquarters and design engineering facility in Naperville, Illinois, and a process engineering facility in Singapore. For more about Tezzaron, visit

About MagnaChip

MagnaChip Semiconductor (formerly Hynix Semiconductor’s System IC Business) is one of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers, with world-class technical capabilities and five fabs located in Korea. The Company develops, manufactures and distributes system IC chips, focusing on Display Driver ICs, CMOS Image Sensors and Application Solution Processors, along with the Company’s Foundry business. MagnaChip has world-class manufacturing capabilities and an extensive portfolio of more than 15,000 patents. As a result, MagnaChip is a valued partner in providing leading technology solutions to companies worldwide. For more information visit

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