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Invensas Teams with Tezzaron

invensas-logoInvensas announced that it is partnering with Tezzaron to build a wide range of 3D-IC customer products.

Robert Patti of Tezzaron: “Today we can produce complete high-quality 2.5D (Silicon Interposer) and 3D silicon devices, but the final packaging flows are lacking. Invensas’ 3D-IC packaging expertise and existing pilot assembly line capability will enable us to ramp our unique products into full production. The Invensas combination of technology development and low volume manufacturing capabilities are unlike anything else available.”

Simon McElrae of Invesas: “We are delighted to take this next step in 3D-IC commercialization with Tezzaron. 3D-IC is finally at its strategic inflection point. We have developed unique assembly capability in our pilot line in San Jose, and have built a corresponding 3D-IC patent portfolio of over 500 assets to date. Tezzaron put 3D-IC on the map, and we are excited to work with them now to deliver commercial 3D-IC products to key customers.”

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