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Tezzaron Inks Sales Rep Contracts for SRAM

Naperville, IL – September 19, 2005

Tezzaron’s memory products have attracted a team of world-class sales firms, giving the company an outside sales force of more than 50 people. The team includes Centaur North, Electronics Sales Professionals (ESP), Synergy Technical Sales, and TriStar Group. The firms average over 15 years’ experience in telecommunications and other key markets, representing chipmakers such as Alliance Semiconductor, AMCC, and IDT. Tom Ayers, Tezzaron’s CEO, says: “Of course, we think our products are superb. But having such experienced sales professionals demonstrate confidence in us – it’s really gratifying.”

Paul Dietz of ESP says: “We’re seeing strong customer interest. Tezzaron offers a seamless path to larger and faster memory that drops into existing footprints. This presents an alternative to the high software costs and schedule risks associated with upgrading network processors and other applications.” Barrett Breuckman of Centaur agrees: “We believe the value proposal offered by Tezzaron memory products will be of keen interest to the Silicon Valley customer base: higher speed, higher density, and significantly improved soft error rates without a performance penalty.”

The first entry in Tezzaron’s product line is a 72 Megabit SRAM, matching the biggest high-speed memory parts currently available, but with an even faster 500 MHz option. The next offering will hold twice as much memory capacity in exactly the same package format with the same speed grade options. Tezzaron’s patented cell technology provides increased resistance to the random soft errors that plague SRAM devices. In addition, Tezzaron offers an optional error correction feature that runs continuously and invisibly, without any system support, repeatedly “scrubbing” all memory locations and correcting single-bit errors. This feature draws no extra power and does not impact the memory speed. Greg Krasick, Tezzaron’s VP of Sales, states: “Nobody else has anything like this. We are the Ghost-Busters of soft errors!”

The territories covered by the contracts include Canada, Mexico, and much of the U.S., with additional territories currently under discussion. Krasick says: “These strategic territories represent a tremendous opportunity, with lots of 72 Meg qualification sockets. We can fill those sockets, and we can make their soft errors go away!”

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Centaur North: (408)328-9260
Electronics Sales Professionals (ESP): (613)828-6881
Synergy Technical Sales: (949)951-4886
TriStar Group: (800)289-9152

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