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Tezzaron in the News: 2013

December 2013: 2.5-D Stacks Pile Up at Event (EE Times)

December 2013: Tezzaron, Ziptronix, and Invensas Demonstrate Interconnectology in Action (3D InCites)

December 2013: Invensas and Tezzaron Partner to Deliver Commercial 3D IC Products (3D InCites)

December 2013: Ziptronix Teams with Tezzaron and Novati Technologies to Accelerate Development of 3D ICs (Semiconductor Online)
Ziptronix Sells its Development Lab to Tezzaron (Image Sensors World)

October 2013: 3DIC panel discussion; Ginti; Novati (Insights from the Leading Edge)

October 2013: CompGen: Using high-performance computing to lnlock the genetic mysteries (Engineering at Illinois)

October 2013: The Many Flavors of 3D DRAM (3D InCites)

October 2013: Motivation for 3D IC and other Key Take-Aways from the IEEE 3D IC Conference (3D InCites)

September 2013: 3D ASIP 2013 Focuses on the Technology and Market Landscape for Device and Systems Integration and Interconnect (Chip Scale Review, page 9)

September 2013: Un chip 3D para cámara de video inteligente, creado en la Argentina (Argentinian blog)
For more coverage, see 3D-IC Video Processor

August 2013: Tezzaron: You’ve got our attention now (EDACafe)

August 2013: Advances in DRAM and non-volatile memories keep upping system performance (Chip Design Magazine)

July 2013: 3D IC Stacks: Myth or reality? (ECN Magazine, pages 19-22)

July 2013: Summer of most advanced technologies (Science Guide)

July 2013: Novati Technologies brings new life to old Austin fab (Austin Statesman)

June 2013: New Consortium for 2.5D Through-silicon Interposer Technology to Benefit Computer and Consumer Electronics Industries (3D InCites)

May 2013: Mentor and Tezzaron optimize Calibre 3DSTACK for 2.5/3D-ICs (Solid State Technology)

May 2013: IFTLE 146 … Novati (Insights from the Leading Edge)

April 2013: Memory vendors pile on ‘3D’ stacking standard (The Register)

March/April 2013: Interposers: What’s Different This Time Around? (Chip Scale Review – see page 11)

March 2013: How making microchips 3D could unleash an age of “cognitive computing” (Quartz)

March 2013: Viewing 3D IC Blossoms at SPIE Advanced Lithography 2013 (3D InCites)

January 2013: Texas fab licenses bonding for 3-D ICs (EE Times)
Novati to use Ziptronix bonding tech for 3D assembly (Solid State Technology)
Novati Technologies Licenses Ziptronix’s Direct Oxide Bonding (ZiBond) and Direct Bond Interconnect (DBI) Patented Technologies For Advanced 3D Integrated Assemblies (EDAcafe)

January 2013: Singapore IME launches 2.5D silicon interposer MPW (Solid State Technology)