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Tezzaron in the News: 2008

December 2008: Labs and industry perfect 3-D chip (Symmetry)

November 2008: You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Perspectives from the Leading Edge)

October 2008: As ICs stack up, cleanliness levels may follow (CleanRooms)

October 2008: Labs and companies collaborate on pixel detector technology (Fermilab Today)

July 2008: Recent 3D IC Integration Activity (Perspectives from the Leading Edge)

July 2008: 3-D Chip Stacks Standardized (EE Times)

May 2008: 3D Road Tour contd (Perspectives from the Leading Edge)

May 2008: 3D Integration Tour: Are TSVs the Future of Advanced Packaging? (Advanced Packaging)

April 2008: 3D Circuit Design at Fermilab (Fermilab Conference presentation)

March 2008: More 3D IC Integration from Ft. McDowell (Perspectives from the Leading Edge)

January 2008: Tezzaron Develops 3D Sensors Using 3D IC Technology (Sensor Technology Alert)