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Tezzaron/Tachyon in the News: 2001-2003

November 2003: Semiconductor Investment and the Future (Gilder Technology Report) (see “Consequences” near the bottom of page 3.)

November 2003: New memory technology promises top speeds (Electronic Products)

September 2003: Wafers Stack on Copper Super-Vias (SolidState Technology)

August 2003: Tezzaron delivers challenge to SRAM, DRAM (EE Times)

August 2003: Tezzaron prototypes pseudostatic memory (EE Times)

August 2003: Tezzaron Semiconductor announces a prototype memory device with record-breaking speed (Design & Reuse)

August 2003: Tezzaron rolls out ‘PSiRAM’ memory technology (EE Times)

June 2003: Tezzaron devises multi-wafer stack for 3-D chips (EE Times)

Note: Tezzaron was named Tachyon Semiconductor” until mid-2003

February 2003: 3-D Stacking Reaches New Heights (Design & Reuse)

February 2003: Tachyon devises 3D chip with four wafers (EE Times)

July 2002: Tall Chips (Chicago Tribune) (see second half of article)

June 2002: Los Alamos, Tachyon to develop 3D chips based on wafer-stacking process (EE Times)

June 2002: Wafer Stacking Technology Promises Faster, Denser System-On-a-Chip (Design & Reuse)

March 2002: Interview: Robert Patti of Tachyon Semiconductor (ePrairie)

January 2002: Memory: Digital Brings More Memory, Gates, Speed  (Electronic Design)

November 2001: Re-Architected DRAMs Deliver Denser, Lower-Cost Storage (Electronic Design)