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Ten Custom 3D-ICs From Tezzaron

Company reports growing demand for stacked silicon devices

NAPERVILLE, Illinois – July 22, 2011

In the past month Tezzaron Semiconductor delivered ten different proprietary, custom-built 3D-ICs to several customers. Each of the ten designs featured two layers of silicon interconnected by hundreds of thousands of TSVs. “We have delivered custom 3D-ICs before this, but never so many in so short a time,” said Bob Patti, CTO of Tezzaron. “We see a major increase in demand for and acceptance of 3D.”

The devices were designed by the customers in collaboration with Tezzaron and assembled using Tezzaron’s FaStack® wafer stacking process. “We don’t use carrier wafers,” Patti said. “No temporary bonds, no thin-wafer handling, no adhesives. This is the same process that gave us the first working 3D-IC prototypes back in 2004.” Many more custom designs are in the works at Tezzaron, incorporating as many as seven layers of stacked silicon.

About Tezzaron

Tezzaron Semiconductor Corporation is a privately held corporation with offices in Illinois and Singapore. The company specializes in stacking processes, 3D-ICs, advanced memory devices, and custom collaborations.

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