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Fermilab 3D Sensor Breakthrough

A new 3D sensor prototype with extraordinary capabilities was recently revealed by Grzegorz Deptuch of Fermilab.  The three-layer sensor, named VIPIC, is designed for particle detection in large-scale particle physics and x-ray imaging experiments.  It exhibits higher and more uniform gain, higher signal amplitude, lower input capacitance, and much lower noise than a similar sensor built with bump-bond technology.

We at Tezzaron are delighted and thrilled with these results, having been involved with the manufacturing of the new device: the 3D layers of VIPIC were built using the Ziptronix DBI process at our Novati facility in Raleigh, NC.  Ziptronix announced the use of its technology in a press release on Sept. 9.  Dr. Deptuch gave a technical presentation of the sensor results at the CPIX conference in Bonn, Germany (Sept 15-17).  Tezzaron’s history of collaboration with Fermilab dates back to the 1980s.