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Tezzaron presentation to Potomac Institute

On May 27, Bob Patti of Tezzaron presented a Hardware Security Symposium at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies.

“Microelectronics are key components in our defense systems, and assuring that they are both readily available and secure is critical for US national security. Hardware-based threats can have serious impacts on military or critical infrastructure, and hardware vulnerabilities include malicious insertions, Trojan horses, counterfeit parts, and rapid obsolescence. While the USG has made large investments in software-focused cybersecurity, hardware-based approaches have not received as much attention. The Hardware Security Symposium Speaker Series brings together leading experts in Trusted microelectronics from academia, government, and Industry, to discuss hardware security threats, and ways to mitigate them.” — Potomac Institute

Mr. Patti described the use of split-fab manufacturing to produce “Trusted” components at the most advanced process nodes.

Update from the Potomac Institute: