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Ziptronix®, Tezzaron® Announce Alliance for 3D ICs

Technologies called “compatible and complementary”

28 February 2005

Two leading forces in 3D integrated circuits, Tezzaron and Ziptronix, today announced their intent to cooperate in joint development and marketing efforts. As pioneers in 3D IC technology, both companies are working towards a general industry adoption of 3D solutions. The collaboration will allow them to maximize their development resources and give 3D technology a bolder presence in the market.

The past year has seen increasing industry momentum surrounding 3D technology, which promises to create low-power, high-speed devices by building vertically interconnected circuits. Cooperation between two established 3D companies is expected to promote industry confidence in the technology and accelerate the adoption of 3D ICs. Tezzaron and Ziptronix want their alliance to serve as a core for building an open consortium of 3D designers, developers, and manufacturers.

In spite of widespread interest and significant recent successes, few real 3D ICs have reached the market, and there are no recognized standards for their development. For example, the industry has no standard rules for 3D interconnects. Ziptronix and Tezzaron will work to establish and promote such standards, driving the creation of industry specifications and enabling more companies to participate in the 3D marketplace. “Establishing guidelines for 3D design will facilitate industry participation and drive 3D foundry capacity,” said Phil Nyborg, President and CEO of Ziptronix.

Tezzaron and Ziptronix have signed a Letter of Intent describing the areas in which they can work to mutual advantage. The two companies have distinctly different 3D IC technologies: Ziptronix specializes in die-to-wafer integration using known good dies (KGDs) while Tezzaron focuses on 3D integration using whole wafers. The Letter of Intent states that their technologies are “compatible, complementary, and uniquely synergistic.” The companies envision joint development of products with high volume potential. “Our alliance with Tezzaron is an industry milestone,” said Nyborg. Tom Ayers, CEO of Tezzaron, agreed: “3D ICs are a technology whose time has come. This alliance is a huge step into the 3D future.”

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