Your Design’s Ideal Integration

Pick a Package

Sure, we’re famous for 3D.  But we have other superpowers, too.  You want stacking without TSVs?  We excel at that.  You want interposers?  No sweat.  Direct bonding?  Yep.  Wafer stacking, die stacking, flip-chip?  Yes, yes, and yes.  We do 2.5D, MCM, SoC, MEMS, PoP, BGA, TSV, and a litter of other TLAs.  You name it, we’ve done it.

Choose the very best package for your project.  Consider heat dissipation, bandwidth, and power budget.  Weigh cost, form factor, and yield.  And performance, of course.  We can help sort it out.  Our engineers know the ropes – they’ve been to this rodeo before.

Make it Sing

Your chip and your package will run in close harmony.  Are they pitch-perfect?  A few design tweaks might ramp up the speed; maybe an interface adjustment will make it soar.  Work with our superb design team to punch out the slickest, most stellar product imaginable.

If your device is built in layers, heterogeneous integration is an option.  Layers can be built in any geometry, with any process, on any substrate.  We’ll fuse them into a gorgeous stack that performs like a rock star.

Consider Split Fabrication

Tezzaron can even combine layers from different manufacturers.  We take their partly-finished wafers, add the final touches, and stack them together.  We call it “split-fab” processing.

We’re really the only split-fab game in town.  The reason?  Split-fab requires sharing top secret processing details.  No manufacturer spills secrets to a competitor!  But we don’t compete with them.  We’re as neutral as Switzerland.  And we never kiss and tell; both sides can trust us to keep confidential information under wraps.

Want to Know More?

Contact us.  Let’s turn your brilliant ideas into blockbusters!