True 3D — TODAY!

Our 3D-ICs are stacked at die or wafer level, each layer thinned to as little as 10 microns, and vertically interconnected with tungsten — as many as one million vertical contacts per square millimeter.

Sub-Micron Vertical Interconnects

These incredibly fine vertical connections are applied by the hundreds of thousands, allowing a single circuit to be spread vertically across multiple dies. They are so small we don’t even call them TSVs. They are SuperContacts™!

None of the Usual 3D Problems

  • No Temporary Bonds; No De-Bonding.
    Our permanent wafer bonds use a proprietary copper bondpoint pattern. We never use adhesives or underfill.
  • No Thin-Wafer Handling.
    By thinning the wafers post-bond, we avoid the warping and deformation problems that plague other suppliers.
  • No Copper Pumping.
    We use tungsten SuperContacts™ to minimize the thermal mismatch with silicon and eliminate the mechanical stress caused by copper TSVs.
  • No Temperature Cycling Failures.
    Tezzaron’s FaStack® wafer bonding process results in a mechanically solid stack. Tezzaron® has tested its 3D-ICs in thousands of temperature cycles from -65 to +150ºC without a single failure.

Dis-Integration: The Future of System-On-Chip

Disparate circuit elements call for divergent wafer processes. Tezzaron’s FaStack® technology and SuperContacts™ can handle that. We “dis-integrate” a circuit onto separate wafers, each built in a process exactly suited to its elements. Memory storage elements (bit cells) are built with very low leakage, or specialized gates, or even ferromagnetic properties. Sense amps, write drivers, etc. get a high speed logic process. The result? A true win-win, both faster and more reliable than conventional devices. But memory is just the low-hanging fruit. Dis-integration is the real key to high performance ICs of all types.

On-Board Test and Repair

Our unique on-chip Bi-STAR® system performs at-speed testing at the factory. But that’s just the beginning. Bi-STAR® continuously performs ECC, re-tests the device, and even repairs it while installed in an operating system. For data integrity, there has never been anything like it.

More Experience, More Technology, More Success

Tezzaron® has patented more critical IP, developed more know-how, and delivered more 3D products than any other supplier. We have delivered scores of finished 3D-IC designs to dozens of customers in the commercial, government, and academic sectors. If you are looking for success in 3D, you have come to the right place.