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Tezzaron Wins $1M in Purchase Orders

Naperville, IL – 10 May, 2004

A new memory product from Tezzaron Semiconductor has generated over one million dollars in purchase orders. Tezzaron’s CTO, Bob Patti, says: “We’ve presented this product to only a handful of customers. The response has been tremendous!” The new 3T-iRAM™ memories promise higher reliability and lower power requirements than similar memory components.

Last August, early 3T-iRAM prototypes (called PSiRAM) made a splash with their record-breaking speeds. Tezzaron chose not to exploit this speed advantage for the first commercial 3T-iRAM product, opting instead for complete drop-in compatibility with standard parts. “It’s a no-risk option,” says Patti. “Users can reap the power and reliability benefits without changing their product designs.”

The next set of products in the 3T-iRAM line will fully exploit the blazing speeds exhibited by the PSiRAM prototypes. Then, in 2005, 3T-iRAM will go three-dimensional: Tezzaron will use its own wafer stacking technology, FaStack™, to combine layers of 3T-iRAM in large, fast, extraordinarily robust components.

Tezzaron is known for its innovations in three-dimensional integrated circuits (3D ICs). Its FaStack™ technology creates true 3D ICs from individually processed semiconductor wafers. Last month the company announced two 3D IC components for general purchase – an integrated SRAM memory stack and a microprocessor stacked with memory. Both of these products are scheduled to ship in this quarter.

Tezzaron’s first 3T-iRAM part is an NBT SRAM replacement – a 72Mb synchronous burst memory that supports both Pipeline and Flow Through burst modes up to 250 MHz. The product is scheduled for general availability in the fourth quarter of 2004. For information about 3T-iRAM and other products, contact Tezzaron at 630-505-0404 or

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