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Tezzaron, PICC to Collaborate on 3D Flash Memory

Naperville, IL – May 9, 2005

Two innovative young companies, Tezzaron Semiconductor and Programmable Integrated Circuit Company (PICC), intend to collaborate on the creation of 3D flash memory components. The companies have executed a Letter of Intent outlining their agreement.

PICC, a new “fabless” semiconductor company, owns patented flash technology that employs vertical storage cells. Tezzaron Semiconductor, another fabless manufacturer, owns stacking technology that creates three-dimensional integrated circuits (3D ICs). According to the terms of the Letter of Intent, PICC will license Tezzaron’s technology to create 3D flash components containing its new vertical cells. PICC expects these components to exhibit much higher capacity than current flash parts and to consume far less power.

PICC’s Vflash™ memory designs will be produced on standard “bulk” semiconductor wafers. These wafers will be stacked and vertically interconnected with Tezzaron’s FaStack® process. James T. Ayers, Jr., Chairman and CEO of Tezzaron Semiconductor, said: “We see great potential in 3D flash because of its speed, density, and low power requirements. Layered flash can achieve much higher memory capacity in the same footprint, so it will allow designers to use fewer memory chips and markedly reduce the power requirements.” The companies intend to extend their association in order to create additional unique 3D devices.

Tezzaron’s patented FaStack® technology builds 3D chips by stacking whole semiconductor wafers and bonding them with copper to create connections between the circuitry layers. The current process aligns 8-inch wafers with a precision of less than a micron, enabling an extremely high density of vertical inter-wafer connections. The wafer stacks are then diced into separate chips, each of which is a fully integrated 3D IC. The process can be extended to multiple wafers. Because each added wafer is thinned to a mere ten microns, as many as 32 layers could fit into standard chip packaging.

PICC’s patented Vflash™ technology builds vertical flash cells that occupy much less space than standard flash cells. The company expects Vflash to increase flash storage by an order of magnitude while reducing manufacturing costs. These factors should position Vflash components as an entirely new generation of flash memory with compelling advantages for customers.

About Tezzaron®

Tezzaron Semiconductor Corp. specializes in cutting-edge technologies and high-end niche products. Its flagship technologies are 3D wafer stacking (FaStack®) and ultra-fast memories (3T-iRAM™). Tezzaron maintains its headquarters and design engineering facility in Naperville, Illinois, and a process engineering facility in Singapore. For more about Tezzaron, visit

About PICC

Programmable Integrated Circuit Company (PICC) will develop and manufacture flash memory products based on a newly patented vertical memory cell structure. Their flash memories will be marketed as standalone chips and incorporated in system-on-chip modules. PICC was founded by semiconductor technologists with long experience in the industry. PICC’s principals have contributed unique patents to the portfolios of many major semiconductor manufacturers, and the newly issued PICC flash patent will provide a solid foundation for the development of the Company’s products.

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