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Tezzaron in the News: 2012

December 2012: RTI 3D ASIP Part I (Insights from the Leading Edge)

December 2012: News from 3-D Architectures for Semiconductor Integration and Packaging (Chip Scale Review)

December 2012: A*STAR’s Institute of MicroElectronics Launches 2.5D Silicon Interposer Multi-Project Wafer Offering on 300mm Technology Platform (IME Press Release)

December 2012: 3D IC Pioneers Continue to Lead the Way (3D InCites)

December 2012: Foundry Landscape Changes In 3D (Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design)

December 2012: Welcome To The ‘Probably Good Die’ Era (Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design)

December 2012: Tezzaron licenses Ziptronix’s bonding tech for 3D memory (Solid State Technology)

December 2012: Ziptronix Licenses Direct Bond Interconnect (DBI®) and ZiBond® Patented Technologies to Tezzaron Semiconductor for Advanced 3D Memory and 3D Integrated Assemblies (Joint Press Release)

November 2012: The Multiple Uses of Interposer Layers (EDN)

November 2012: “Known Good Die” has a new name (3D InCites)

November 2012: Huawei, Altera mix FPGA, memory in 2.5-D device (EE Times)

November 2012: Tezzaron, Novati and 3D ICs: They’re doing it in the USA (3D InCites)

October 2012: Electronics in an extra dimension (Symmetry)

October 2012: The new dimension in chip design (Electronics News)

October 2012: Tezzaron’s new facility in Austin, TX:
Tezzaron Acquires Texas Semiconductor Facility (Press release)
Former SVTC Austin facility to operate as Novati Technologies (Austin Business Journal)
Tezzaron Semi with new Austin Fab (ElectronicsFeed, reposted by evertiq)
Tezzaron Saves Austin Research Fab (Multi-Housing News)
Tezzaron’s Austin fab rescue saves jobs and more (EE Times)
Tezzaron Semi rescues fab critical to DoD (EDN)
Tezzaron acquires SVTC fab (Insights From the Leading Edge)
A Smorgasbord of 3D News (3D InCites)
Tezzaron acquires Texas Semiconductor facility to assemble its 3DIC devices (i-Micronews)
Tezzaron takes over SVTC’s Austin fab amid layoff reports (Solid State Technology)
Tezzaron buys Austin facility slated for closure (Austin Business Journal)
Last-minute deal saves Austin chip fab (
Austin research fab saved by new owner (
Tezzaron Semiconductor Completes Acquisition of SVTC’s Austin Fab, Now Novati Technologies (Joint Press Release)
Former SVTC Austin facility to operate as Novati Technologies (Austin Business Journal)

September 2012: Chips Go Upscale (Communications of the ACM)

September 2012: 3D Thursday: Produce cost-effective 2.5D and 3D devices (EDA360 Insider)

July 2012: Litho Community Meets And Votes (Semiconductor Mfg. & Design)

July 2012: The Changing Role Of The OSAT (Semiconductor Mfg. & Design)

July 2012: Reliance on radiation-hardened and radiation-tolerant components (Avionics Intelligence)

July 2012: Tezzaron Semiconductor Assigned Patent (

July 2012: Want some real-world insight into 2.5D and 3D IC design and assembly? Read on to get the word from Tezzaron Semiconductor (EDA 360 Insider)

July 2012: Architectural Changes Will Drive Miraculous 3D Gains (Chip Design)

July 2012: Testing the Waters (Chip Design)

July 2012: Bubble Gum and Scotch Tape (Chip Design)

June 2012: 1,000,000,000,000 Transistor IC Layout Editing at DAC (

June 2012: Training the Next Gen for Low Power (Chip Design)

June 2012: IMAPS DPC Part II (Insights form the Leading Edge)

May 2012: Tezzaron Semiconductor Assigned Patent (Targeted News Service press release)

May 2012: 3D IC 2-tier 16PE Multiprocessor with 3D NoC Architecture Based on Tezzaron Technology (Design & Reuse)

May 2012: 3D chip stack (China IC News)

May 2012: 3D-IC Challenges Addressed at SEMICON Singapore (SEMI)

April 2012: 3D-MAPS multicore processor: A closer look (i-Micronews)

March 2012: Tezzaron at the 3D Summer School, February 6-8, in Buenos Aires:
Científicos argentinos arman un chip con tecnología 3D  (uni>ersia Argentina)

March 2012: 2.5 / 3D at the 2012 IEEE ISSCC (Solid State Technology)

March 2012: The incredible shrinking pixel sensor (ILC newsline)

February 2012: Challenges, opportunities of the 2.5D/3D ecosystem (EE Times Asia)

January 2012: 3D IC Technology: Adoption and Commercialization (GSA Forum, see page 17)