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Tezzaron and INFIERI at Fermilab

Tezzaron is associated with a fascinating organization named INFIERI: “INtelligent, Fast, Interconnected and Efficient devices for frontier exploitation in Research and Industry” (for astrophysics, medical physics, and particle physics). In October of 2016, INFIERI held a workshop at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. Fermi is a long-time customer of Tezzaron, having collaborated on many projects including 3D sensors for use in high energy physics. Fermi is also a near neighbor – just six miles away from our office – very convenient for our participation in the workshop.

The event featured tours of the lab, five intense days of technical presentations, and several social/networking events. The first session on Friday morning was “New Developments on Interconnect and Packaging techniques” presented by Tezzaron’s CTO, Bob Patti.

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