Silicon Interposer Design and Manufacturing

Silicon interposers provide an optimal integration platform:

  • Excellent thermal expansion matching
  • Increased signal speed due to shorter interconnects
  • Reduced RLC parasitics
  • More power savings
  • Reduced ESD protection requirements
  • Smaller form factor
  • Signal remapping between active chips without requiring customization
  • Separation of a mixed-signal system-on-chip into discrete devices

This silicon interposer technology platform is based on several enabling process modules and unit process capabilities. You can generate your own design or use Tezzaron® design services to develop your customized interposers. We can even include integrated passive capacitors and inductors if you need them.


  • TSV system design and wiring analysis
  • TSV assembly (Chip-to-Wafer bonding, temporary bonding / debonding, etc.)
  • Ultra thin wafer back grinding and polishing
  • Signal and power integrity analysis and IC-to-TSV optimization
  • Process design kit (PDK) and EDA Flow set-up
  • Reliability and failure analysis
Wafer Size200mm or 300mm
TSV TypesVia First / Cu fill
Via Last / Cu Liner / PI Fill
TSV DiameterVia First
Via Last
5um to 10um
50um to 100um
TSV Aspect RatioVia First
Via Last
TSV Pitch*50um *either Via First or Via Last
Front Side Redistribution LayerPlanarized Cu
Design Rules
# of Front Side Layers:
2um Line / 2um Space /2um Thickness
4 nominal, more possible
Back Side Redistribution LayerPlanarized Cu
# of Back Side Layers:
Back Side RDL Design:
5um Line / 5um Space / 3um Thickness
Interposer Size(s)44mm x 27.6mm
32mm x 26mm

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