Assembly, Test and Packaging

2.5D Assembly

“2.5D” – it’s an odd term. Essentially it means putting 2D dies onto silicon interposers. (It has been suggested that putting 3D stacks onto silicon interposers should be called 5.5D, but we’re not convinced the term will catch on.) In any event, we do 2.5D assembly of both types. We not only make silicon interposers, we can attach 2D dies and/or 3D stacks to them. And we can build yours. If the 3D stack is a Tezzaron® memory device, we will handle the project. If there are no Tezzaron® dies in the assembly, Novati can take your project.

  • 200mm/300mm wafer sizes
  • 3 front side interconnect layers of dual damascene copper on top of single damascene copper metal layer (4 metal layers total)
  • Copper interconnect dimensions are 2um line/space/thickness
  • 10umx100um, copper-filled TSVs
  • Single RDL layer on backside max width 10um
  • Polyimide UBM isolation
  • ENIG UBM Metallization on front and back
  • Backside bump metal pad finish

3D Assembly

Tezzaron® stacks wafers – and we can stack yours. If your stack has Tezzaron® memory in it, we will handle the project. If it doesn’t, don’t worry; Novati can handle it. Tezzaron®/Novati is the first open-platform, full-line foundry in the world offering 3D wafer stacking services and test. Novati licenses Ziptronix IP for direct bonding technology: both ZiBond® and DBI® (Hybrid Bonding). With DBI, which contains interconnect at the bond interface, Novati provides technologically advanced products at a lower cost, lower power, and better performance than competing 2.5D/3D technologies.


Simulation and Test Services

Building 3D products, you may have heard, opens up some new challenges. Simulation and test are high on the list. We have the tools to do it and a lot of experience. If you need help with your project, let us know. There is a good chance we can get you over the rough spots.

High Performance Packaging

Tezzaron® is not a package vendor. But we have friends who are. And we have worked with them before. If you do a project with us that needs packaging, we can manage that for you. If your project does not use Tezzaron® memory, but uses Novati services and needs packaging, Novati can manage that for you.

Click here to see the Novati website.

Contact Tezzaron® about turn-key 3D and 2.5D projects using Tezzaron® memory: