Tezzaron building in Austin, TexasTezzaron is first and foremost a memory vendor. But along the way we have discovered that, particularly in the 3D world, simply handing a customer a radically high performance memory creates more problems than it solves. So Tezzaron has developed a constellation of technologies, support products, and services designed to transform 3D from a problem into a solution. And in the same spirit, we offer our customers virtually all of those technologies and services, even if Tezzaron memory is nowhere to be found in the finished system.

At least to-date, nobody can do it all in 3D. But there is no need for you to find your own way through the 3D ecosystem. When we take your project, if we cannot do what you need, our partners will. What you get are results, not more vendors to manage.

Much of the magic at Tezzaron happens at our wholly-owned subsidiary, Novati Technologies. With cleanroom facilities in both Austin, Texas and Raleigh, North Carolina, Novati handles virtually all the silicon-intensive manufacturing steps we use, from wafer bonding to die stacking to fabrication of silicon interposers. If you need some of that magic, but will not be using a Tezzaron memory, contact our friends at Novati directly and see for yourself what they can do.

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