SyoPort™ Memory Subsystem Components

Large scale high performance systems often need far more memory than can be delivered in a single component – even more than can be built into a Tezzaron® DiRAM4™ stack. In the past, memory vendors have done very little to help with challenges that demand more than a few components. Thankfully those days are over. Tezzaron’s® SyoPort™ memory subsystem components fill the bill. SyoPort™ components are modular and can be interconnected to create any number of different subsystem configurations. Offered in several form factors and with several different functions, SyoPort™ products can enable huge memory subsystems – but they also work in smaller designs. For example, SyoPort™ components can incorporate Tezzaron® memory products with a conventional host device such as an FPGA or ASIC. (See the Ayrees™ memory module for one example.) So, whether the target application is a very large scale memory subsystem for supercomputer applications or a handy solution when a pile of DIMMs just can’t cut it, SyoPort™ components can save the day.

SyoPort™ is a lightweight memory transaction protocol that can be implemented via optical or electrical interconnect. The first generation electrical version is a low voltage 144 wire dual unidirectional link that is supported on each SyoPort™ memory subsystem component. SyoPort™ devices can communicate directly with associated host chips or other SyoPort™ components. Although DiRAM4™ is designed for very intimate super wide interface with a host device, necessitating a 2.5D or 3D assembly approach, SyoPort™-equipped products narrow the interface down to few enough pins for conventional PCB interconnect.