SyoPort™ Hubs and Switches

syoport hubs and switchesSyoPort™ hubs and switches allow the implementation of large scale, complex, high performance memory system topologies without requiring any custom IC development. Using low voltage 144 wire SyoPort™ links, SyoPort™ family components can be arrayed at will into dozens of configurations – all communicating with each other smoothly and efficiently.

SyoPort™ Tagging Hub

The SyoPort™ Tagging Hub supports two DiRAM4™ memory stacks and produces one SyoPort™ interface. It manages the DiRAM4™ stacks and schedules read and write transactions into them. If a request is directed to a temporarily busy address, the hub tags and re-orders transactions and returns the result with a transaction tag. This makes the user interface extremely simple, with only three commands: Read, Write, and No-Op.

SyoPort™ Packet Switch

The SyoPort™ Packet Switch is a 16 port device that interconnects any combination of 16 entities. It can, for example, allow eight memory hubs to serve eight processors (or FPGAs or backplane connections, etc.); or one hub could serve fifteen processors; or fifteen hubs could serve one processor. The switch allows any port to communicate with any other port.

SyoPort™ Photonic Bridge

The SyoPort™ Photonic Bridge translates one low voltage CMOS 800 Gb/s full duplex SyoPort™ connection into sixty four 25 Gb/s data streams, each of which can be carried on one core in a multicore fiber. Using the SyoPort™ Photonic Bridge, one SyoPort™ connection can be translated into eight 100 Gb/s optical links, allowing long, fast and very low power connections between SyoPort™ system components.

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