Tezzaron® Fluidic Cooling Block

Yes, this is a weird thing to find on a memory vendor’s website. We know. After all the discussion on this site regarding how our products save power, maybe this seems all the more out of place. Although Tezzaron® products add efficiency to a system, our technology also allows high performance system elements to be mounted in very small volume spaces. With even just a few watts concentrated in a very small area, the temperature in that area can become quite high. In very dense, very high performance systems, localized temperatures can get unacceptably high, despite the overall power of the system being quite low. For some of our customers, liquid cooling is the answer – and our cooling blocks are the key enabler.

Our cooling block technology is simple and powerful. Two wafers equipped with copper TSVs are etched with a pattern of grooves. The groves are plated with a thin layer of diamond. Next the wafers are bonded face-to-face so the groves become pipes … passages through which cooling fluid can pass. Because the wafers are equipped with TSVs, they can be inserted in a 3D stack, putting the cooling exactly where it is needed while also allowing power and logic signals to pass through. A stack can incorporate multiple cooling blocks if more cooling capacity is required.

Although Tezzaron’s® fluidic cooling blocks can be designed to deliver uniform cooling across the working surface of the block, they are not normally implemented that way. Specific applications usually demonstrate specific hotspots to be cooled, so the blocks are designed to deliver more cooling to those spots. Perhaps we can design one for your application.

More information is available under NDA. Contact us to learn more: info@tezzaron.com