Ayrees™ Memory Module

syoport hubs and switchesThe Ayrees™ memory module is a great solution for anyone needing outlandish density and performance in a tiny footprint –- it’s also a great starting point for learning what Tezzaron® memory components can do. Designed to connect to off-the-shelf high performance FPGAs or custom ASICs, the Ayrees™ 64P memory module is the first in a family of heterogeneous high performance memory subsystems that can be handled as easily as ordinary packaged ICs.

The Ayrees™ 64P is delivered in an ordinary BGA package featuring an easily routed 1 mm pitch ball-out. It contains a DiRAM4™ memory stack and a SyoPort™ Tagging Hub. The Ayrees™ 64P communicates via four packetized SyoPort™ links, each with 128 wires (64 in and 64 out), delivering 1Tb/s of data bandwidth with sub-15ns random access latency. (See also SyoPort Memory, SyoPort IP, SyoPort Hubs & Switches.)

Ayrees™ family products are available in both off-the-shelf and customized formats.

Family NamePortsBanks per Port
InterfaceDensityData BandwidthLatency
Ayrees 64P410240.7 – 1.2V CMOS I/O
64 Gb1 Tb/s15 ns


More information is available under NDA. Contact us to learn more: info@tezzaron.com