Our Team Tells the Story


We are Tezzaron engineers. We’re experts in memory design and 3D architectures. We design and build leading-edge systems in the very latest 3D-IC and 2.5D technologies. It’s challenging work, and we punch way above our weight!

How do we accomplish such amazing things?

  • We are empowered to act on our ideas
  • Our project teams pull together a wide range of expertise
  • We are always creating, inventing, and engineering things that have never been done before
  • The problems we tackle are brand new, so we develop outside-the-box solutions
  • We learn from each other and face exciting challenges together
  • Innovative engineering is the name of the game
  • We enjoy camaraderie under pressure

We are diverse in our people and in our projects but we run as one tightly integrated team. We are defining the way of the future.

We are making history.


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