Table Memory + Packet BufferWe all love the internet, but you would never know it by looking at the memory market. For the last 40 years and to this day, the memory market is focused almost exclusively on the compute market. Whether it was the mainframes of the 60s or the minicomputers of the 70s, the PCs of the 80s and 90s or the smart phones, portables, and servers overtaking the world today, memory architectures continue to be optimized to serve processors running code. That has made designing with conventional memory miserable, in some cases, almost impossible for networking equipment designers. Networking presents memory with a completely different workload. The architectural tricks employed to improve computer memory performance tend to work against the performance requirements of networking … until now.

Tezzaron® memory delivers what networking systems need most: high transaction rates – the highest the industry has ever seen. One Tezzaron® memory stack can handle statistics accumulation, table look-ups, and buffer packets with equal ease. Our memory architecture also produces devices that have inherently low latency, much lower than conventional memory. They also have incredibly high bandwidth, far outstripping the performance of any other memory device announced for commercial sale. But, above all else, Tezzaron® memory products are distinguished by the ability to launch new transactions (reads or writes) at stratospheric rates. These transaction rates, delivered with a capacity exceeding the largest DRAM available, makes this the dream memory for networking applications.