Tezzaron FPGA DiagramWant to argue that FPGAs are not a “market”? Fine. Point taken. But FPGAs are used in all sorts of markets and all sorts of applications. The only question in high performance circles is, “Why haven’t they taken over completely?” The strongest reason is obvious: FPGAs have never offered enough internal memory. If copious high performance internal memory is needed, ASICs get the design win every time … until now.

FPGAs are already becoming multi-die subsystems. Adding a memory die is an obvious next step … but conventional memory is completely unsuitable for that job. Adding memory that is tailor-made for 2.5D and 3D integration is the only sensible play; but whose? Which memory is the best mate for a high performance FPGA? Don’t imagine for a second that you will catch us bad-mouthing the competition; they are a fine bunch of men and women. But we have a better product: higher density, higher transaction rate, lower latency, lower power – the FPGA market is about to be transformed. Buckle up. It’s going to be a great ride.