Markets and Applications

The Tezzaron® Vision

the tezzaron visionSomeday: System designers will no longer use the plural form of the word “memory.” The term “Motherboard” will be used to describe a Server farm. “My Location” will be the locus of your perceived reality rather than where your body happens to be. These are the stuff of science fiction now, but all exist along the path that 3D lays before us.

3D has been a decade or two or more in development: “ready in 18 months from now” for far too long. We believe we know why. The challenges have been monumental, but we have solved bigger technical problems in less time. So what has been holding us back? Fear. The fear of letting go of the chair to take that first step; the fear of swimming in deep water; the fear of holding another in a steady gaze and saying “yes … forever.” Only fear is powerful enough to shackle an entire industry for so long. While the world has spent a decade trying to “solve” 3D using 2D technologies and techniques, Tezzaron® has resolved to overcome fear and has plunged into the 3D future headfirst. Our secret is simple: we are resolved to set fear aside and solve 3D problems with 3D solutions.

tezzaron-visionAt Tezzaron® we are determined to knock down every barrier. We offer our customers everything needed to turn their 3D dreams into realities. Want stunning RAM in a package? We can do that. Want our RAM in your package? Now you’re talking. Want RAM over or under or around your die? We are in. Want other weird stuff in a stack? Bring it. Got a project that doesn’t fit in our fab? Don’t worry. We know a guy. We have friends. There is a way. Tezzaron® is the home of “Yes.”

In this section we will show you what Tezzaron® Memory can do, and how Tezzaron® Services can make 3D a practical reality for you.