Leaders Climb the Mountain, Not the Rope

shutterstock_108569348What can we say? We are on our way up! We need qualified, smart, visionary people who want to get in on the greatest thing to hit semiconductor since the advent of CMOS. You think this sounds crazy? Very perceptive. It is crazy. But this is the same brand of crazy that bought you electric light, powered flight, the wireless telegraph and corn dogs. (Ok, maybe corn dogs were not that big a deal, but we like ‘em.)

Tezzaron is the classic high tech overnight success… Which is to say it has been ten years of dazzling insights, crushing setbacks, long hours, sleepless nights and the pure euphoria of birthing something completely new. The great news for you is that it is not too late. At Tezzaron we are doing the impossible and there is lots of room on the cliff face for more climbers. At Tezzaron, interns make real contributions, not coffee and copies. Lead engineers really lead. And everybody, forty years from now when our grandkids want to know about when it all changed, gets to say, “Yeah … I did that.”

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