Sensor Arrays

A key capability that separates us from machines is our ability to see – to perceive and interpret the flood of data that comes to us on light waves. The same can be said of our other senses: touch, taste, smell, and hearing. Many of our machines, from RADAR to telescopes, work to enhance our senses – but it has always been up to us to make sense of the data. Today that is changing. We can finally bring enough compute performance, including the necessary high performance memory, close enough to the sensors that they can begin to work more like the way we work.

Did you know that our eyes pre-process images right at the retina before ever sending any information down the optic nerve to the brain? Look it up. Your retina knows the difference between a circle and a square before your brain hears anything about it. Good thing. Your brain is busy with more important matters. But what does that have to do with Tezzaron®?

The root of Tezzaron’s® technology proposition is delivering the highest vertical interconnect density in the industry. We can run more “wires” vertically through a stack of die in less space than anybody else. Because we can do that, we can make contact with more and smaller sensor elements than anybody else and we can put more memory and processing power behind them. The sensors can start processing data right away, before they send it off for further processing. Those sensor arrays may “see” anything from visible light to cosmic rays. They may even “see” the molecules that represent a specific smell, or virus, or DNA sequence. So, it’s not just images – these sensor arrays can “see” just about any tiny thing we want to detect.

Now, to be clear, we are not sensor guys; we do not offer sensor products. But our technology and our manufacturing subsidiary, Novati Technologies, are heavily involved in making all sorts of sensor arrays for all sorts of applications from high energy physics to biomedical and astrophysics … even vision systems. If you want the most experienced team with the best technology on your sensor array project, give our friends at Novati a call. Put Tezzaron’s Di3D technology and Novati’s manufacturing experience together. Let’s see what we can see together.

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