Novati Technologies LLC

Novati Technologies LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tezzaron®, is a leader in enabling More-than-Moore technology development that incorporates innovative materials and even novel MEMS/NEMS devices. Novati works with a variety of clients and nanotechnology partners, bringing process integration, design, in-line test, analysis and project management resources to bear on custom development challenges. Novati then works with clients to drive those projects through prototyping and into production.

Novati’s extensive experience in back-end-of-line processing and Tezzaron’s® pioneering 3D design, processing and test technologies makes Novati an ideal source of application-specific silicon (Si) interposers.

In addition to interposers, Novati is the first open-platform, full-line foundry in the world offering 3D wafer stacking services and test. Novati licensed the Ziptronix patents for direct bonding technology, ZiBond® and DBI®. With DBI®, which contains interconnect at the bond interface, Novati provides technologically advanced products in markets at a lower cost, lower power and better performance compared to competing 2.5D/3D technologies.

We offer access to our 3D integration process technologies for the development and fabrication of silicon interposers through joint development projects, prototyping services, and low-to-medium volume production.

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