Industry Alliances

Tezzaron is proud to work in cooperation with many excellent semiconductor entities, including (alphabetically):

2.5D TSIC Logo2.5D Through-Silicon Interposer Consortium
(Tezzaron is a member)




3DMontblanc Logo3DMontBlanc
(partnership for 2.5D designs)


CMC MicrosystemsCMC Microsystems
(collaboration to provide MPW services)


CMP LogoCMP Multi-Project Circuits
(collaboration to provide MPW services)



(Tezzaron is a member)

EDBSingapore Economic Development Board
(Innovative Development Scheme partner)


(collaborative agreement)


EVG logoEV Group
(Memorandum of Understanding for aligner/bonder tool endorsement and pricing)


(collaboration to manufacture 3D-enabled wafers)

Honeywell LogoHoneywell Microelectronics
(collaboration to manufacture radiation-hardened 3D-ICs)


IEEE LogoInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
(several Tezzaron employees are members)

IME LogoInstitute of Microelectronics
(agreement for research collaboration)


“Intelligent Fast Interconnected and Efficient Devices for Frontier Exploitation in Research and Industry”
(Tezzaron is an associated partner)


Invensas LogoInvensas
(agreement to develop packaging)


MicroMagic LogoMicro Magic, Inc.
(collaboration to develop 3D tools)

MOSIS LogoThe MOSIS Service
(collaboration to provide MPW services)


Novati LogoNovati Technologies LLC
(Tezzaron’s subsidiary)


R3Logic LogoR3Logic, Inc.
(collaboration to develop 3D tools)

SEMI LogoInternational SEMI Standards
(Tezzaron employees are task force members)

Ziptronix LogoZiptronix Inc.
(Letter of Intent for Mutual Support)