Company History




  • 3D video processor is demonstrated (collaboration with Universidad Nacional del Sur)
  • Tezzaron® purchases the Ziptronix fab in Raleigh NC, to be operated by Novati Technologies
  • Strategic agreement with Ziptronix for collaboration and fab access
  • Partnership with Invensas for commercial 3D parts
  • Tezzaron® joins IME’s new consortium for 2.5D through-silicon interposer technology
  • Collaboration with Mentor Graphics to optimize Mentor’s Calibre® 3DSTACK for 2.5/3D-ICs
  • Tezzaron® averages two new project engagements per month
  • Work begins on fluidic cooling for 3D
  • Work begins on photonics for 3D and 2.5D
  • First year of self-sustaining revenue stream
  • Tezzaron® total revenue (consolidated with Novati) exceeds $46 million
  • End-of-year backlog (excluding Novati) exceeds $19 million




  • Over 30 different prototypes in production; more contracts


  • Bob Patti receives 2009 SEMI Award for North America “for his pioneer work in the emerging technical area of 3D IC integration.”
  • Tezzaron® has active engagement on 34 different 3D designs for various customers
  • First MPW project for customers begins
  • Two more government contracts: Air Force, DARPA


  • 3D contracts with Fermilab consortium, Air Force
  • Tezzaron® contributes chapters to two textbooks
  • Custom 3T-iRAM® memories are completed & shipped
  • Commercial 3T-iRAM® parts show excellent speed, pass all tests
  • Tezzaron® participates in first-ever 3D-IC standard, “Intimate Memory Interconnect Standard” (IMIS)
  • Commercial 3D contracts are awarded
  • Global recession generates a very tough year for Tezzaron®; less than $500,000 total revenue


  • Two 3D contracts awarded from the US Air Force


  • Successful production of 72 Mbit 3T-iRAM® parts


  • Tezzaron® announces world’s first 3D SRAM, with 1 Megabit of memory
  • Wafer-stacked parts pass rigorous thermal cycling tests with no ill effects


  • Tachyon Semiconductor changes its name to Tezzaron® Semiconductor Corporation
  • Tezzaron® demonstrates world’s first working wafer-stacked 3D-ICs: memories, sensors, processors, etc.
  • Tezzaron’s® prototype 3D processor is announced and demonstrated
  • First registered trademarks
  • First custom 3D stacking projects are started
  • SuperContact™ through-silicon interconnect invented & tested at re-named Tezzaron Singapore by Dr. Gupta and Dr. Hong


  • First in-house Multi-Project Wafer (MPW Orion) starts, with six 3D designs
  • New memory prototype demonstrates record-breaking speed
  • Dr. Subhash Gupta and Dr. Sangki Hong successfully produce a 4-layer, mechanical, copper bonded wafer stack and build wafer stacks with Super-Via™ through-silicon vias (TSV), successfully demonstrating  repeatable precision aligning, bonding and thinning for wafer-level stacking at Tachyon Singapore.
  • Contract with Los Alamos National Labs for 3D demonstration devices


  • Custom designs (not 3D) are completed for government and commercial entities


  • Tachyon Singapore is formed and equipped; Dr. Subhash Gupta becomes its Managing Director
  • Tachyon’s first two-layer copper-bonded wafer stack is successfully produced in Singapore


  • Tachyon Semiconductor is founded as a Delaware C corporation with J.T. Ayers as CEO and Robert Patti as CTO
  • Tachyon merges with ASIC Designs Wyoming
  • Tachyon purchases most of the assets of ASIC Designs Inc. (Illinois) with Tachyon stock


  • ASIC Designs Wyoming is founded as a Wyoming C corporation


  • ASIC Designs Inc is founded by Robert Patti as an Illinois Subchapter S corporation