3D Multicore Processors

Tezzaron is very excited about the demonstration of two groundbreaking devices built in our FaStack technology. The inventions were unveiled in February of 2012 by their designers, Georgia Institute of Technology and The University of Michigan, at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC 2012).

Press coverage included The Register, EE Times, and Solid State Technology.

Centip3De — U. of Michigan

This invention uses Near-Threshold Computing (NTC), running at the very lowest power possible. Cutting-edge design techniques push power consumption to extraordinarily low levels while maintaining the best use of its 64 processor cores.


3D MAPS — Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech describes this as “arguably the first many-core general purpose 3D processor developed in academia.” Its 64 processor cores run at 277 Megahertz, achieving memory bandwidth of up to 64 Gigabytes per second at 5 watts of power.

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Tezzaron congratulates our colleagues and collaborators at these two fine institutions!