3D-IC Microcontroller Prototype Video

The “Super-8051” prototype, a two-layer 3D- IC with vertical interconnections, was built using Tezzaron’s FaStack® process. One layer of the chip contains an 8051-style processor, the other contains SRAM memory. The chip used here was built in 2004.

Demo Setup:

The demonstration device contains the Tezzaron 3D-IC prototype and another fast 8051 processor – the Dallas DS89C420. Each processor runs at its top speed, executing a program that repeatedly calculates and displays a Mandelbrot fractal image. The image colors change with each iteration. The two images share a single monitor, with the 3D-IC image on the upper half and the other processor’s image on the lower half.


The video was filmed during a live demonstration and then compressed to run six times faster than realtime. The demonstration clearly shows the speed advantage of the 3D-IC, which completes three full images while the other processor completes about half of one image.

You may view the video online or download it (MPEG format, 3.25 MB).